Wednesday, November 12, 2008

They could have done the bailout better.

I am incensed that the Government decided to bailout Wall Street and the Banking industry, and now it looks like we'll be paying for the big 3 automakers too. I voiced my opinion to my representatives, fat lot of good that did. They came back and said they had to do something. Well something is what they did and it looks like a typical Washington screw up only on a scale not seen before. Why oh why couldn't they have given the 700 billion out to the taxpayers, then the taxpayers with their OWN money would have flooded the economy with cash, that worked pretty well the last time they sent out stimulus checks. I think it was lobbyists that poked and prodded the government and shoved this bailout down our throats. Well for MY representatives in Congress, good luck getting my vote or donations now!

Jay Tea has an excellent post on this.

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