Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's not wabbit season, it's RINO season!

Over at Human events Uncle Ted Nugent has just declared open season on RINOs(Republican In Name Only). I"m totally on board with this, I'm so tired of my representatives saying we have to reach across the aisle to get things done in our congress, I can't recall a time when liberals ever reached over to our side of the aisle. My favorite part...
RINOs are Fedzilla punks who feign support for conservative principles only when it serves their political interest. RINOs are also known for their moderate positions such as supporting tax increases, federal “bailouts”, “comprehensive immigration reform”, advocating more counterproductive gun control that guarantee more innocent victims, opposing the death penalty, and growing and sustaining Fedzilla and all its toxic mongrels by going along with the liberals. RINOs have forgotten President Ronald Maximus Regan's admonition that government is the problem, not the solution.

Go read the whole thing it's worth it. Go Ted!

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