Saturday, November 19, 2005

Should California redeploy it's firefighters?

Whoa, looks like it's getting a little hot for our brave firefighters, and I support them 100% but with only 30% left to contain, shouldn't we redeploy our firefighters, safely, and let nature deal with this?

Is this how stupid the Democrat plan sounds?
To me, yes.

Murtha Calls for a 'Change in Direction'

This is a transcript of John Murtha's Press Conference November 17, 2005. The New Yoirk Times calls Murtha's Call for "Immediate Redeployment" of our troops a change of direction. I've read the transcript and not once but several times reporters make reference to getting "them" (the soldiers) home.

Here's one...

Q Mr. Murtha, you say -- your first point about bringing them home consistent with the safety of U.S. forces. You know about these matters; what is your sense as to how long that would be?

REP. MURTHA: Well, I think they can get them out of there in six months. I think that we could do it -- you know, you have to do it in a very consistent way. But I think six months would be a reasonable time to get them out of there.

Here's another exchange in which John Murtha actually says, "It's time to bring them home."

Q Congressman, Republicans say that Democrats are calling for withdrawal, are advocating a cut-and-run strategy. What do you say to that criticism?

REP. MURTHA: It's time to bring them home. They've done everything they can do. The military's done everything they can do. This war has been so mishandled from the very start. Not only was the intelligence bad, the way they disbanded the troops, there's all kinds of mistakes that have been made. They don't deserve to continue to suffer. They're the targets. They have become the enemy! Eighty percent of the Iraqis want us out of there. The public wants us out of there.

So much for just turning left at Baghdad. He wants us to make a U-Turn.

Sign the petition to get our Government to Support our troops.

Read the story behind the idea, then click here to sign the petition. I think it's a great idea. Now if we can just get the left to read it (and understand it).

The Mudville Gazette has the history

Here it is...the hostory behind the Iraq war, who said what and when itg happened. Please Democrats feel free to twist it anyway you like, but the fact is you can't change facts.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Blogs for Bush has a good post

Wish this information amounted to something but the Democrats are favored by minorities by too great a margin. Wish it made sense to me but it doesn't. The Republicans have had more minority leaders in their administrations and are the party that wants to help minorities get along in life on their OWN two feet, not give them a handout but give them a leg up as I always say.

Spread this around...

Ok democrats, what do you say to this young man. Wait don't tell me....I already know.
All I can say is God Bless this young man and his comrades and their loved ones for their sacrifices.

Thank you is all I can say...

I'm ignoring the rest of the media today. These men of the Deuce Four have my eternal gratitude. Welcome home gentlemen.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

China and Democracy, In the same sentence?

A Chinese official said the country hoped to improve ties with the United States during President Bush’s three-day visit, beginning on Saturday, which may set the tone for relations between the two powers for years to come.

“Chinese people enjoy all forms of democracy and freedom under law, including freedom of religion and belief,” a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry, Liu Jianchao, said.

Yeah as long as it conforms to the idea of religion that has been outlined by the Government. For some reason I'm not buying this Chinese Democracy bit.

Are you ready for the Holiday Season?

Well for anyone that might stumble onto this blog...

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.

Where are those pesky WMDs?

Michelle Malkin linked to a really great interview from Jamie Glazov. He interviewed Bill Tierney, a former military intelligence officer, who was in Baghdad in 2002 with weapons inspectors UNSCOM. It is a must read. Why hasn't this guy been on the interview circuit. I bet the MSM will say because his stories can't be verified, yeah right, like they bother verifying anything these days. I've always thought that the WMDs must have been moved. It's not as if Sadaam didn't have the time or man power.

Woodward Gets another 30 Years

I guess we'll have to wait another 30 years before we'll know the name of this administrations internal traitor. Wonder if it's someone with an axe to grind or just someone that made a big "oops, did I let that slip?" Funny how Woodward seems to end up with all the dirt.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

How long before Bush is blamed for the tornadoes?

MADISONVILLE, Ky. — Tornadoes barreled across the Midwest and portions of the Southeast overnight, knocking out electricity and damaging buildings in several states. The storms killed at least one person.

Ok so where are all the conspiracy theorists on this one? Did Bush posses some unatural power to direct those tornadoes to the midwest? Was the damage to homes and people caused intentionally here to save some other community elsewhere?

Stay Tuned...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Can Spanking Cause Aggression?

Pay particular attention to this part of the story....

They found that spanking seemed to be associated with more aggressive behavior and increased anxiety in all of the countries. The association was weakest in Kenya, where physical punishment is culturally accepted and common. It was strongest in Thailand, where the culture generally discourages spanking.

So in countries where spanking is accepted, children weren't as aggressive. I take this to mean they were better behaved? Hhmmmm...Interesting.

RNC reminds us what the other side said...once.

I just love the video showing the world how far the democrats have come in a short time. What a difference election cycles make.
There is definitely something wrong here people.

The CMA's in New York?? Bon Jovi, one of the performers???? Wha?????

Ok it's time to start sending people back to the first grade to teach them the way things are SUPPOSED to be.
If they don't get it by now...

Will someone please tell our republican leaders to grow some "backbone", to put it nicely. President Bush is finally answering the Democrats charges of lieing and manipulating pre-war intelligence. Hammer it home! Keep reminding the American voter that the democrats were beating the same drum prior to the war as well as when Clinton targeted Iraq.

There doesn't appear to be a good strong leader coming out of the republican camp. If one doesn't appear soon and the republicans don't start holding the democrats' feet to the fire, the republicans will lose in 06 and 08. The reason the President's numbers are low is I think because we have become dissatisfied with the lack of "backbone" in our republican leadership. So come on Republican leaders, get with the rest of us "radical right wingers."