Friday, November 21, 2008

GM giving up luxury jets, almost.

It’s hard for me to feel sorry for corporations begging Congress for money when you have CEOs jetting to Washington on private jets. Well after the grilling they received on the hill GM announced it was dropping the lease on some of its jets.

Foxnews has the complete story, but here is a little tease.

Two days later, on Friday, General Motors Corp. announced that it is terminating the leases on two of its five private jets in an effort "to cut costs."

Well, they have to keep some of the jets for emergencies don’t you know. I love the people claiming that we must save the auto industry because of all the people that will lose their pensions and health benefits. It's hard to feel sorry for them when you don't get either at your job. Hey I got an idea, how about the unions compromise on some ways to cut costs and make some cars that people will actually buy.

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